About Our Firm

Founded in 1928 in Buffalo, New York, Barth Condren has a long history of successfully defending insureds, insurers, municipalities and self-insured companies in trial and appellate litigation, arbitrations and mediations across Central and Western New York. We are wholly focused on providing the highest quality legal services to insurers and defendants against civil claims, whether insured or self-insured, at competitive rates. We place a premium on client satisfaction with both outcome and cost. Responding promptly to client inquiries and sensitivity to client concerns are the keynotes of our practice.

The cornerstone of our practice philosophy has been to expedite the handling of litigation matters by taking an aggressive approach to our cases, being ever alert for opportunities to quickly resolve our client’s exposure via summary judgment and other dispositive motions. We endeavor to keep our clients informed regarding important developments in the law affecting their interests through newsletters highlighting important recent decisions, and have developed detailed, easy-to-follow guides regarding important legal issues of recurring concern.

Our legal defense team is spearheaded by highly experienced trial and appellate defense counsel, who concentrate on managing and coordinating the efficient handling of contested matters while pursuing each client’s particular goals and serving it’s unique needs. All of our attorneys possess strong academic qualifications, and are zealous to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients, applying the highest professional ethics and expertise resulting from our decades of cumulative experience.